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they were students of otto wagner and with their work they formed a special architectural aera of the 1930ies: the gemeindebau. nowadays still existing they are reminders of the past days of the social "rot wien"...


the first project of the new millennium: tribal tribute, neil curtis tribute to keith haring and also the first exhibition of neil curtis. it has been exhibited 3 weeks, starting at the 16th of february 2000.


for the first time, neil curtis did a bodypainting session in public! the 3 step painting-performance was held on 13th of december 2001 in vienna's gallery CLEXX. click here to see the result of PPS ONE.

this is the "virtual-only" part of the tribal tribute exhibition and was the addition to the exhibition at café berg.

line_grey.gif (223 Byte) shopping bags are a good symbol for our consumer society. here neil curtis not only shows various shopping bags but also tells a poem.

picturing is a very personal project. I searched through my photo-collection and took pictures that symbolize very important words in my life.

replace clothes with paint,
performance, october 2008, langenlois

in this performance neil curtis turns a "white businessman" and a "black soldier" into living sculptures that leave the social world behind and transfers them into his own "painted world".click
here to see the result of the performanc.
april 2007, vienna

XPS stands for xperimental painting sessions. in this session I show the transition from an unpainted body to a totally red one. click
here to see the result of the XPS RED 01 session!
january 2006, vienna

here's another xperimental painting session, this time I show the transition from an unpainted body to a totally blue one. click
here to see the result of the XPS BLUE 01 session!
nighTV: rot wien,
march 2005, vienna
tribal tribute,
january 2000
public painting session one,
december 2001, vienna
tribal tribute YBR
february 2000
nighTV: shopping bags,
december 1999
nighTV: picturing,
october 1999